Love Always Wins - Black


Printed statement slogan vest in matt black ink. 

  • Soft touch, loose fit vest.
  • Small slit detail at hem.
  • 50% Organic Cotton, 50% Tencel.
  • Lettering reads "Love Always Wins".
  • Also available in metallic electric blue, or metallic hot pink foil print. 


Love Always Wins. 

It's not hard to see that we're surrounded by a lot of negativity in this world. From the blatant, horrific, inhumane activity we see across the globe, to the day-to-day little dramas and struggles in life, it can so often all seem a bit hopeless. This slogan print vest is a bold statement. And we've chosen to print it in bold colours to really help get the message home. Love. Always. Wins. 

One thing we've learned in life is that we can't change other people. And when it comes to the bigger stuff going on around the world, it seems like we can't do much to change that either. Each of us can really only change how we respond and react to negativity. Think about it - if everybody chose love over hate, the world wouldn't look like it does. The truth is, we can change our own worlds by deciding to always love. Haters gonna hate. But love always wins.

Green credentials:

50% Organic Cotton, 50% Tencel.

Climate Neutral - This T-shirt was manufactured solely using renewable green energy from wind and solar power.

Manufactured in India. Printed in England.