All About The Brains


Printed statement slogan T-shirt with digitally-printed, multicoloured marbled ink design.

  • Soft touch, loose fit sleeveless T-shirt.
  • 50% Organic Cotton, 50% Tencel.
  • Slogan reads "All About The Brains"


It's not actually all about the "bass". It's not about how much booty you have, how skinny you are, or how curvy you are. As women, we're sold these superficial ideals and when we don't measure up, we're left feeling inadequate.

Women have fought for decades, centuries even, for education, equal rights, equal pay, to be allowed to vote and have their say. And yet our current generation so often seems to praise and obsess over renowned female celebrities who have no real achievements but who are famous because of their naked selfies and who they are married to. There's nothing feminist about that.

This T-shirt design communicates this frustration. In a world where girls seem more interested in primping and preening, painstakingly sculpting everything from their eyebrows to their butts, trying to "measure up" to who the media would have us emulate, be the one who puts the time in to do a daily workout... on her brain. 


50% Organic Cotton, 50% Tencel.

Climate Neutral - This T-shirt was manufactured solely using renewable green energy from wind and solar power. 

Manufactured in India. Printed in England.