Dissatisfied by the culture in which women are often largely celebrated and judged by appearance alone, we are determined to stimulate conversation, provoke a change in perspectives, and above all, encourage women to be who they are meant to be.
Lawrenson is a fashion label with a distinct feminist identity. Bold slogan T-shirts communicate our brand ethos, with the desire to empower and inspire through cheeky, feisty quotes, in conspicuous prints and brazen metallics.
Our relaxed-fit garments are highly wearable, made from luxuriously soft fabrics. We are passionate about the quality and sustainability of our pieces, and ensure that we make respectful choices regarding the environment and garment industry workers.
Launched by designer Naomi Jackson, the brand is inspired by and dedicated to some of the strongest women she knows, and takes its name from her grandmother, whose middle name was Lawrenson. She lived to the age of 99, and died just days before the launch of the label which so proudly bears her name. She was beautiful, both inside and out, incredibly witty and fun. With tremendous inner strength she lived through so much. She worked hard, was determined, was full of integrity, was always grateful and always loving. Her legacy lives on through the ethos of the brand. 
Each design has been created with a unique concept in mind, often with a feminist slant. Read more about the ideas behind each T-shirt design on its product page. Passionate about respecting the environment and garment industry workers, the "green credentials" of each Lawrenson T-shirt are listed along with every style. 

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