Love The Planet

Naomi Jackson

Posted on February 12 2017

Love The Planet
Floral garland by @flowersbyharriet
Love The Planet
We don't want to go all tree-hugger on you, but our world is in need of a little love. 

We're all well aware of the impact humans are having on the environment, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming and hopeless. But, if we all make simple changes to our lifestyle choices we can, together, make a significant difference.
In the run up to February 14th, our goal is to create a fresh approach to Valentine's day, by releasing a series of daily challenges to help spread a little love. Today is the first of our three #valentineschallenge concepts, and we wanted to encourage anyone who wants to get involved, to show some love to our environment. 
Isn't there something so satisfying in that feeling you get when you take out your recycling? Knowing you're doing your bit, and freeing yourself from the rubbish and the mess. We invite you to join us in taking part in today's challenge by making choices towards a cleaner way of living.
Save the bees! Encourage bees by planting your own flowers
Here's how to take part: 
Decide to be intentional today about the choices you make which may affect the planet. You can pick any of the ideas listed below (more than one if you like!), or feel free to come up with your own ideas. 
  • Plant native wildflowers / flowering shrubs to encourage the dwindling bee population
  • Make your own cleaning products, free of harsh chemicals (try these)
  • Walk or ride a bike instead of using your car
  • Sign this petition to ban all non-recyclable/non-compostable packaging in the UK
  • Say no products that create waste e.g. plastic bags, plastic straws 
  • Turn lights off when you're not in the room / turn appliances off instead of standby
  • Plant a tree
  • Support smaller, local, organic farms by buying their produce. Organic farms support higher biodiversity and better bee health.
  • Swap out the meat - eating meat isn't great for the environment and reducing our consumption will help to reduce carbon emissions
  • Recycle something
  • Donate old belongings to charity shops or give away on Freecycle / sell on eBay
  • Buy something "pre-loved" / second hand 
  • Switch to paperless billing with your bank
  • Sign this petition to help save the bees

Document yourself doing something to benefit the environment, and share via social media with the hashtags #valentineschallenge and #lovelawrenson. If you like, tag us so we can see (we will retweet / share our favourites!)


Home grown: plant your own fruit, vegetables and herbs if you have outside space.


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