Fierce Females: Lawrenson Playlist Vol. 1

Naomi Jackson

Posted on May 02 2019

Fierce Females: Lawrenson Playlist Vol. 1


Fun fact. Alongside running Lawrenson, brand founder Naomi is also a DJ. Yep, you can catch her playing in various Manchester bars every weekend, and when she's not designing fresh fashion pieces, she's writing her own beats.


She's curated a playlist featuring a fierce, all-female line up. From Miraa May's "I don't need no guy by my side, watch me slide I'ma do my ting just fine, yeah" to Mahalia's "I will be myself 'cause I like who I’m becoming, if you’re ready come with me, these boots are made for running" each track has been selected for its empowering lyrics and self-love-infused, “we got this” independent-women vibes. 


Sounds good? You bet. Babe, stick this on, it’s practically the weekend... plus your pals / colleagues / cat / whoever you’re with will totally dig it and think you’ve got impeccable taste. ⠀


Click below to listen:


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